In 2015 the inspiration for this project was Portuguese culture. We therefore used traditional elements as characteristic as the Portuguese tile, which we used in the colored stairs, the umbrella rents of Rua Miguel Maria Veloso, marine elements that recall the connection of the Portuguese people to the sea in the Rua vasco da gama, with striped umbrellas decorated with buoys, anchors and 3D sardines. On the garden benches we put emblematic characters such as Amália Rodrigues or Cristiano Ronaldo in stencil and with dots. In the electric poles were used Barcelos roosters, sardines, hearts of Viana, etc. In the historical neighborhood of the Barrel the colorful swallows decorate the houses and represent the “saudade” and the migration.

Date: June 18, 2017
Client: City of Águeda for Agitágueda
Category: Art Installation,Project